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Microtech Factory Service, Inc - Complete Microwave Oven Repair and Information Network: The complete commercial microwave oven repair resource: Free professional instruction on operation, troubleshooting and repair. Includes extensive repair history database with thousands of repair tips.

Complete Microwave Oven Operation, Maintenance, Troublesooting and Repair Training Course on CDROM: This "all-in-one" CDROM course of instruction gives the training you need to safely and successfully repair all brands of commercial and residential microwave ovens

Glossary of Electronic and Microwave Oven Related Terms

Sci.Electronics FAQ:Repair:Microwave Oven Repair: The [official] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list for the newsgroup sci.electronics.repair. Contains Samuel Goldwasser's excellent Notes On Microwave Oven Failure, Diagnosis and Repair.

The Virtual Repairman: Appliance Help, Troubleshooting & Parts: If you're experiencing appliance trouble, this site can help. Jim can answer all your major appliance questions, including installation, operation & repair. This site is very worthwhile.

PartSelect: Even for the avid do-it-yourselfer appliance repair can be a hassle, but the guys at PartSelect.com make it easy for you to get the parts you need to get the job done right.

Mr. Microwave: Developer of microwave oven testing devices. Microwave Oven testing devices from Mr. Microwave include everything you'll need for better, faster, and safer troubleshooting of Microwave Ovens.

The Great Idea Finder: Celebrating the Spirit of Innovation, including, among many other facinating ideas and advancements, inventions that were the result of an accident, such as the serendipitous invention of the microwave oven.

AMI Resources: AMI carries microwave parts for all major brands of microwaves. AMI can help whether you are looking for parts for small home microwaves or large industrial microwaves. AMI also has wholesale pricing for microwave servicers and industrial accounts.

Comprehensive Magnetron Cross Reference Guide Main Electronics: A list of the most popular magnetrons for commercial and consumer microwave ovens

Mike's TV Case Histories:This is a professionally designed booklet for professional TV servicers and advanced do-it yourselfers. It contains proven solutions to over 3,300 TV problems and has an outstanding record for customer satisfaction (only one returned for refund out of 10,700+ orders in the past 10 years). Excellent!

Micro-Ovens - The Microwave Specialists: North Carolina's one and only commercial microwave oven repair specialist. The largest retail inventory of commercial microwave ovens parts in the state. Plus, you can register your commercial microwave ovens here and they will keep careful track of your warranty, so you will never again pay for repairs that should be free.

Maytag & Kenmore Refrigerator Repairs in New Jersey: Anytime Service offers expert fridge repairs and freezer repairs in NJ, especially Kenmore refrigerator repair and Maytag refrigerator repair.

FIX & SAVE Read and Post how to repair all those every day items like your car, washing machine, etc. all for Free. Also why not sell your car, bike, or just about anything for Free in our classified ad's section

Electronix Corporation: Electronic parts, supplies, services, and support for electronic service and repair

Microwave Oven Spares/Faults: Specializes in commercial and domestic microwave oven repair, vacuum cleaner repair, and combi steamer repair. Can be e-mailed for advice.

Arts de la table, ustensiles de cuisine, wok A French Web site about original and functional kitchen utensil design for ecologically responsible cooking

Appliance Service News: Since 1950 the number one independent source of information for the appliance service industry. Features include: technical articles, how-to items, tech tips, troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair instructions; appliance repair industry news, business tips, repair parts Buyers Guide, classifieds, more.

The Appliance Help Forum: Join and receive expert advice from the Repairman.

Mike's World of Electronics: A comprehensive and up-to-date resource for all electronics enthusiasts, from the hobbyist to the professional engineer. References include: Datasheets and Reference, Conversions & Calculations, Tutorials, Glossaries, Communication, FAQ's, Repair Sites, Software, Circuits, Newsgroups, Magazines, Bulletin Board Services, Electronic Construction Projects

AA4DF's Home Page: Specializing in consumer electronics repair: VCRs, TVs, Audio, Ham Radio and more. Links include: [Tech Assists] Technical Assistance Area - Histories and Contacts; [Tech Links] Links to Technical Sites; [Pathways] Internet Railroad, Site Roulette, etc.; [Photography] Great 16mm Photography Opportunity; [Hamfest] The Virtual Hamfest and Others; [Promos] Website Promotions and Etcetera; [Searches] Either the Newer Sites or All of 'Em

Sharp Home & Commercial Microwave Oven Service Manuals: Service manuals for sale, listed by both model number and manual number.

Besides some Unwise Microwave Oven Experiments , which we do not necessarily recommend, this site offers some very useful scientific information about "microwave oven myths."

Microwave Cooking for One by Marie T Smith: Get the convenience--and taste--you deserve from your microwave oven! Free recipe samples. Easy to increase. Microwave cooking tips on timing, ingredients and equipment

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