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You Can Fix MICROWAVE OVENS - The Video
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A Complete, Step-By-Step, Comprehensive Course on Microwave Oven and VCR Repair
Repairing microwave ovens has never been easier. Here is the most accurate and up-to-date source of professional repair techniques, "insider" troubleshooting tips and manufacturers' service data you can buy! 
Updated to 2009, Enhanced, Packed with More Information, Simplified 
From Basic to Advanced - Learn Microwave Oven Repair At Your Own Pace in the Comfort of Your Own Home
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Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer, a technical student or seasoned pro, our unique computer animation, step-by-step system of teaching, detailed live demonstrations and practical textbook instruction are guaranteed to take you to the skill (and income) level you want-- or your money back!     
A Full 2 Hours of professional instruction on DVD, plus
FREE information-packed CD-ROM

You Can Fix MICROWAVE OVENS- The Video!

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Magnetron tests    
Transformer tests    
HV capacitor checks    
Printed circuit board repairs    
Touch panel problem solving  Fuse failures  Diode tests  Door disassembly and adjustments  Pinpointing interlock switch problems  Timer troubleshooting  Simplified schematics  Resistance readings  Solving arcing problems and much, much more...
"This is the best instructional video I've ever seen. It's very 'nuts and boltsy.'" 
     Larry Henderson

    Owner, Larry's Electronic and Appliance Repair,  Hixon, Tennessee

The microwave oven repair course includes the FREEMASTER MICROWAVE REPAIR GUIDE on CD-ROM. This valuable repair reference is packed with virtually thousands of actual microwave oven repair case histories, including symptoms and failures, with specific, proven repairs that YOU CAN DO with ease. Click HERE to see a sample.

The MASTER MICROWAVE REPAIR GUIDE also shows you how to test solid-state components, such as transistors, triacs, resistors, rectifiers...


"The video is excellent! I use it for training and for reference." 
Ted Abbott 
Helping Hand Service center 
Hartselle, AL, U.S. 
Our Educational, Instructional, Training Videos are Completely Guaranteed Iron-Clad Guarantee 
You can order with confidence because your complete satisfaction is fully guaranteed. Use this innovative, money-making video package for a full 10 days—enjoy and benefit from the entire fascinating presentation! Major credit card or Paypal is accepted. If at any time during that period it falls short of your expectations, we will gladly refund your purchase price--no questions asked, no hassles.   
"The title, 'You Can Fix Microwave Ovens' doesn't begin to describe the significant educational and practical value of this excellent video production."  
     Vernon Watson    
     Owner, WBQP TV, Ch 12 (cable ch 50)  Pensacola, Florida 
YOU CAN FIX MICROWAVE OVENS! (2-Hour Video Tape or DVD with FREE Supplemental Reference CD-ROM) Click Here for Ordering Information   
  • Designed for technicians, technical students, amateurs and do-it-yourselfers 
  • Complete, in-depth, step-by-step instructional video on operation, maintenance and repair with heavy emphasis on safety 
  • Master Microwave Repair Guide: Hundreds of actual case histories, with symptoms and proven repairs. 
  • How to test solid common state components 
  • Bench-level soldering techniques 
  • Easy upgrade to more advanced CD-ROM (see below) 
    "The video is wonderful! Everything is so clear and precise, and it's so easy to understand. I've watched it over and over. I will recommend it to my friends."
    Joseph Chambliss

                 Live Oak, Florida

   THE COMPLETE MICROWAVE OVEN SERVICE HANDBOOK ON CD-ROM vs 2013 (the ultimate source of information on the operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of commercial and residential microwave ovens)
Complete Video Training Course on Residental and Commercial Microwave Ovens Click HERE for More Information  
  • Electronic version (PDF) of the popular hardcopy version, plus all key segments from the video shown above are included.
  • Prepared for the electronic or appliance technician who is equipped and qualified to perform service at the professional level. 
  • In addition, this cutting-edge CD-ROM includes:
    • A comprehensive electronic textbook on how to repair the microwave ovens that are designed for commercial use, such as those used in restaurants, fast food chains, hospitals, factories, military bases, etc... 
    • Manufacturers' disassembly and adjustment procedures and specifications 
    • Troubleshooting dual magnetron systems 
    • Failure and service codes 
    • Plus, Matrix (schematic) diagrams for over 400 models, including Sharp, Amana, Panasonic, Quasar, Litton, Tappan and more 
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  You Can Fix Microwave Ovens,  
Plus the Master Microwave Repair Guide! 
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You Can Fix Microwave Ovens!
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  The Complete Microwave Oven Handbook on CD-ROM Click for more Information 
$79.95 - $10.00 Internet Discount = $69.95 (Florida, USA, residents add 7.5% sales tax), plus $5.50 shipping within continental U.S. (Cost of shipping to destinations outside of the continental U.S. varies) 

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