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A Free, On-Line Case History Database of Commercial and Residential Microwave Oven Repairs: Symptoms, Problems and Proven Solutions

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Important Safety Information for Repairing Microwave Ovens

Repairing a microwave oven is a dangerous task. For your personal safety, we respectfully ask that you read and understand these very IMPORTANT SAFETY PRECAUTIONS as well as the disclaimer at the bottom of this page BEFORE proceeding with any tests or troubleshooting.
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Microwave Oven Repair Instructions
  1. After reading the safety precautions and progressing here to the Microwave Oven Fix Finder repair database, select the alphabetical category below that corresponds to the brand of microwave oven you want to repair.
  2. Find the model number , or the number closest to the model you are repairing.
  3. Find the symptom(s) that most closely match the symptom(s) being displayed by the microwave oven you are repairing.
    • Generally speaking, many symptoms will apply to most models within the same brand category.
  4. Follow the specific troubleshooting and/or repair instructions to complete the repair. Click on highlighted text for a detailed explanation of that procedure.
  5. Since this database is constantly being updated and appended, if you don't find what you are looking for, please try again at a later time.
  6. We hope that you find the information here helpful...
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    Common Sense Troubleshooting of Microwave Ovens

    Effective troubleshooting begins with a systematic approach. The objective is to eliminate the cause, not just the symptom. Therefore, the way to a successful repair is guided by mindful alertness and common sense. Here are three basic guidelines:
    1. Be observant and alert to the obvious.  The majority of common problems that occur in microwave ovens are conspicuous and readily detectable by one or more of the senses -- your ears, eyes, or nose. For example, listen for abnormal, unusual sounds -- or the lack of a sound, such as the normal click of a microswitch. Look for the obvious:loose or burned connections, disconnected wires, broken binding or melted parts. And don't overlook the presence of any unusual odors. Many times the problem is staring you right in the face.
    2. Keep an open mind.  Keep in mind the areas where a particular trouble can potentially exist, but don't allow preconceived or indeterminate conclusions to blind you to the real problem. Ask yourself :'what could and could not cause this symptom?' Successful troubleshooting involves a process of logical deductions based on reasonable likelihood, then progressively eliminating all the least likely components until only the most probable suspects remain.
    3. Use your volt-ohm meter. For a final and positive diagnosis, use your volt-ohm meter to make systematic continuity and resistance tests. Experience has shown that, by means of authentic repair histories, most common problems can be quickly recognized and isolated by simply associating the symptom with the model or brand. Then, with careful observation and/or continuity tests, the problem can easily be diagnosed and solved.

Please make sure that you understand and are prepared to carefully follow the appropriate microwave oven repair safety precautions

  Select the alphabetical category that corresponds to the brand you are repairing.
  • The manufacturers' part numbers and prices listed here are subject to change without notice.
  • The various models numbers are not necessarily in numerical order.
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Disclaimer: The author assumes no liability for any incidental, consequential or other liability from the use of this information. All risks and damages, incidental or otherwise, arising from the use or misuse of the information contained herein are entirely the responsibility of the user. Although careful precaution has been taken in the preparation of this material, we assume no responsibility for omissions or errors.

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