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Commercial microwave oven repair for the Florida-Alabama Gulf Coast New and refurbished commercial microwave ovens for sale - click here Microtech factory Service Depot Repair for the Southeast US
Factory Authorized Service Center for Commercial Microwave Cooking Equipment, covering the Florida-Alabama Gulf Coast.
Plus DEPOT REPAIR for the SE United States
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Do you lack qualified commercial microwave oven repair service in your area?
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Welcome to Microtech Factory Service, Inc

The Gulf Coast's one and only factory authorized
commercial microwave oven repair specialist

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Microwave Oven Operation, Troubleshooting and Repair Advice for Appliance and Electronic Technicians

...and for anyone else who enjoys exploring, discovering and learning about the wonders of technology.

Here is the ultimate microwave oven troubleshooting and repair resource with do-it-yourself help and instruction by the experts. If you are an appliance technician, perhaps you've found that microwave ovens develop very unique problems which are often quite perplexing. The circuitry and components of a microwave oven are somewhat different from those found in TVs and major appliances. Moreover, safe procedures are especially important when it comes to servicing microwave ovens. We hope you find this site beneficial to your appliance repair needs.

Also included is FREE access to the Microwave Oven Fix Finder, a comprehensive repair history database, as well as virtually everything you ever wanted to know about microwaves and microwave energy. 

Find and fix microwave oven problems fast with our FREE microwave oven FiX Finder. This on-line database contains virtually thousands of actual microwave oven repair case histories, plus factory test and replacement procedures and proven repairs that work. 
Repairing a microwave oven is a very dangerous task. The high-voltage potential combined with the high-current capability of an operating microwave oven pose a deadly threat to a careless worker. Therefore, for your personal safety, we respectfully ask that you read and understand these very important safety precautions before attempting any repairs.
Curious about microwaves? What are they? How do microwaves cook? How dangerous are microwaves? Is food cooked in a microwave oven radioactive? Visit our FAQ section and discover the specific and true answers to these and many more frequently asked questions about microwaves and microwave ovens.
FREE Super Microwave Oven TroubleshooterPuzzled by microwave oven repair? Troubleshoot and fix any microwave oven problem with this new, FREE troubleshooting guide. This diagnostic flow chart has been compiled by experienced, professional microwave oven technicians and provides a comprehensive selection of symptoms, problems, failures and fixes that can occur in both commercial and residential models of microwave ovens.

MICROWAVE REPAIR EXPANDED and UPDATED FOR 2012! Click to download free sample chapters

After viewing this CD, all I can say is, 'WOW!' and again, 'WOW!'..." —Captain Toolhead, Appliance Service News, October 2001 Issue (complete review)

Here is the thoroughly updated and revised, computer-based version of the internationally acclaimed textbook of the same name. Plus, the CD includes key segments from the most popular The Complete Microwave Oven Service Handbook presents an in-depth, interactive curriculum in microwave oven repair. Click for more information and FREE samplesmicrowave repair video ever made. This is THE definitive guide to making safe, successful and profitable repairs. From the common tools you'll need and clearly outlined safety procedures, right down to the final profit-producing repair. This "all-in-one" CD-ROM course of instruction gives you the training you need in a progressive, easy-to-use format that's guaranteed to take you to the skill—and income—level you want.

  • Newly expanded & updated for 2012
  • Over 30 additional pages and brand new illustrations added
  • Unprecedented commercial microwave oven troubleshooting and repair techniques for 21st century models.
  • Factory troubleshooting charts, error and service codes, formulas, schematics and diagnostic procedures.
  • Over 400 pages of fully searchable text and illustrations for easy research and gathering of information.
  • All chapters, sections and references are hyperlinked for fast and smooth navigating.
  • More than 300 vivid illustrations, plus over 20 minutes of hands-on video clips.
  • Touch panel (keypad) matrix diagrams for 100s of older brands.
  • Virtually thousands of repair case histories (FREE Samples)

  • Newly remastered with digital technology and completely updated to 2009 models—including removal and troubleshooting of over-the range models
  • Available only on DVD
  • Designed for appliance and electronic techs, students, amateurs and do-it-yourselfers 
  • Complete, in-depth, step-by-step instructional video on operation, maintenance and repair with heavy emphasis on safety  
  • How to test solid common state components 
  • Bench-level soldering techniques 
  • Complete course in microwave oven troubleshooting, maintenance, service and repair
  • Plus FREE information-packed CD-ROM
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